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Brand: FritsJurgens - MPN: FJS316K - Stock Code: BIFJS316K - Unit: set

Finish: ss satin stainless steel

$ 1616.16 ex GST

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Pivots by FritsJurgens


Made in Holand
Traditional spring pivots require you to push the door to nearly, if not 90° before the hold open activates, System3 only requires the door go beyond 45° for activation. By letting go at that point, System3 will automatically move the door into the hold open position by itself.

The Self Close function works in reverse. By letting go before the door reaches 45°, the door will self-close, it will move by itself back to its original position.

For a 90° or 180° swinging door, minimum pivot point from the edge of the door is only 91mm. This gives a wider opening area than traditional pivot solutions that need to be set further in from the edge of the door.

By positioning the pivot in the centre of the door you can double the door’s width, you can also achieve a full 360° swing & utilize the Hold Open and the Self Close functions. Creating diversity in the use of a pivot door within an environment.

Brilliantly designed, System3 is unlike traditional pivots due to it being fully embedded in the door. There is no visible pivot hardware at the top or bottom of the door. An added benefit; there is nothing to rebate into the floor or ceiling. Saving significant time and money on installation.

This key aesthetic and design element is unique to the FritsJurgens systems and is no accident. All the FritsJurgens pivot systems have been designed with this key feature in mind.